Product Development

Product Development 

Product Development

Identifying the needs of a customer and to quickly create a furniture product that meet these needs and can be produced at the lowest cost. Achieving these product development goals is always a conbination of properties including marketing, design, manufacturing and a good product should always invlove all these functions. 

Having over 20 years experience in a specialized area such as furniture product development Claire started Emily May Design to be able to offer this experience to others that maybe need this knowledge or do not have the availbility within their organisation. Emily May Design understands that new product ideas need converting into products suitble for market introduction. Consideration in material choice, style, colour, finish, price or manufacturing capabilities. 

We have a extensive experience in working with most furniture areas and materials and at differnet price levels.

We have Consultation process where we will meet the client and review the brief and the goals of the project. 

Then we offer a Project start up step/milestone consisting of, Project Needs, Clients needs, Clients Budget, Analyse project, Range; business needs and Research.

We offer a Range Strategy process or we can use the existing process but usually we would like the strategy to consist of Trends/colours/styles,Material Strategy,Product List analyse including sales of exsisting range and then we will offer Presentation/Conclusion which will identify the gaps .

Execution of the Project/Product Development process will include the Project Brief, description, Design, Budget, Timeplanning/Management and Specifications/material level we will then result in a complete project guide and breif ready for a purchasing team or manufacturer. 

We also offer in the process Factory Floor product Development including the Material planning /according to production and Construction Requirements with Quality and packaging following the agreed project description. 

Resulting in giving you the product or the range of products that fulfil your customers needs 

Emily May Development Projects 

  • Talia Beds product design & development including branding and scocial media communication. 
  • Bed range developed on beahalf of client for EM Home Sweden. Led to 3yr sales 2 bed ranges. 
  • Product idea for StarSprings Sweden 
  • Consulting projects for Sleep Angel and Gabriel Scientific 
  • Bed side table range for unspecified client. 
  • Local Interior design projects