Emily May Design

Our services


End to End Product Development through project leadership, turning a idea into reality. 

Developing businesses through ranges of products, identifying the sucesses through range mapping and the gaps in the offer resulting in a complete range plan. 

Develop the goal of a business by knowing the customer needs and being able to convert this into designs and products.

Pasionate about furniture and furnishing development Claire has hands on knowldge of developing and creating ranges and products and open to all new ventures 

Product Development

End to End product development 

We offer services and support from product idea to the end sale for the whole process or within the process. 

Consulting for your product range including research and analylsing the market and perameters of the furniture specialised section. 

Design and product ideas into reality 

Developing a existing design into reality

Supply chain and purchasing support and assistance to reach the final sales 

Product Sales 

Managing sales and business of long term business partners. 

Supporting and securing the product sale to achieve a satisfied customer and the client. 

We are sales responsible for our exisiting client base and promoting and marketing on the Swedish and Scandinavian market. 

Open to increasing the exsiting business for Sleep Angel and Talia Beds and expanding the client base for new business partners with them. 

Open to take on new sales agency work and establishing new partners. 

Project Leadership

At Emily May Design we have led projects from start to finish which has established our long term relationships and loyalty and trust in continued support and leading to running a brand or a section of a business. 

Emily May Design specalise in product project leadership with a long history of working with in and with project leadership. 

We are open to work with new projects that can lead to long lasting business relationships. 

Range Mapping

Offers range mapping by analysing a existing range offer, colours, styles, functions, sales figures and retail price, market analysis resulting in identifing the gaps in the range and possibilities to increase sales with new products or product areas. 

Taking care over the exsisting offer and development ideas in how to improve the offer without major changes making it more efficient and sucessful in long lasting quality. 

Offers suppliers range mapping by investigating its existing offer to clients and analsying its material offer and efficiency sothe offer to their clients achives the right volume and price.