About emilymaydesign 


Emily May Design is a design and developement company that offers furnishings and furniture companies with the design and product development from end to end. Taking the idea to the solution and fulfilling your customers needs. 

Emily May Design has over 25 years in furniture and product development experience, we use our network to support you in the whole process. 

Claire started with a education in the UK in Art and Design and a Higher diploma and Bacholor of Art in surface pattern textile design, specializing in home furnishings and design. Which led her into Interior design and store layout merchandising within IKEA UK. Eventually specialising in furniture product developement in IKEA of  Sweden. She later developed her experience in range and design management and purchasing and supply chain working within Swedish companies and internationally. Claire decided to start her own business in 2018 after realising what she could offer clients with the experience she has gained in her journey. 

Emily May Design offer their clients services in the complete product development process from product idea to solution whilst building and developing towards the goal of the over all  business. Claire saw that many understood what they wanted, without knowing how to get there in the best way to solve their customers needs and maintain the business goal. 

She believes that a successful product indroduced to a range is to give the end customer what they need with the right quality, function and price securing that their end customers will return at the sametime securing that all partners in the process have a succesful journey. 

Emily May Design has worked with consulting projects within Sweden and internationally, we have been involved in product development projects within the furniture and the bedding business and now represent Talia Beds buisness globally, Sleep Angel and Gabriel Scientific sales with consulting for the Scandinavian market which has developed the knowledge of Emily May Design into the hospitality and medical sector to add to the home and retail sector. 

We want to build Emily May Design business with long term clients developing a working relationship and lending our support in their developing process. We have gained loyal clients in our journey and are looking on expanding our client base by offering range and furniture development and at the same time establishing new a new client base for our existing clients products and services in the home/retail sector, Hospitailty and medical. 

Based in Älmhult, Sweden, Claire through Emily May Design works for you where ever you may be located globally and establishes a relationship with you and your team to achieve your internal goals. 

Emily May Design

Claire Catlow Owner and Product Development Manager 

Claire has over 25 years experience in design and design related to furniture and retail. With a BA in textiles surface pattern design and working as a Interior design manager in IKEA store London Claire then moved to Sweden and worked as a Product Developer for IKEA of Sweden within many product and material areas and has over 10 years experince working for Swedish companies within the product devlopment process with wooden furniture and accessories/lighting out door furniture and bed furniture and bedding where she has worked internationally with compaines in Asia and Europe with the purchasing and supply chain. 

Passionate about home furnishings and design

Claire is driven to solve the needs of the customer through product design and believes by knowing the customer needs and being able to convert this into designs will develop the business.

She has hand on knowledge in all areas of the furniture business. 

Talia Beds

Talia Beds Is designed and developed by Emily May design in co-operation with Kaymed Ireland. Emily May Design is responsible for the brand and management and sales of Talia Beds globally. 

Talia Beds offer its range of quality beds combining material comforts from Ireland and Sweden to retailers, hospitality and private customers.

We can also offer a development service for the bedding sector, in beds, mattresses, quilts and pillows. Developing ranges for the customer needs under their own brands in all price levels. 

Sleep Angel

Emily May Design  is responsible for Sales of Sleep Angel on the Scandinavian Market. 

Together with the Sleep Angel team we can provide Sleep Angel products and opportunities to change any soft surface. 

Sleep Angel  and Gabriel Scientific

PneumaPure barrier bedding is "the absolute barrier with a breathable component"  Gabriel scientific solution was the introduction of a CE medical device standard, validated barrier bedding in the medical sector with design and maufacture of a innovative healthcare bedding products. Sleep Angel is a patented bedding range, clinically proven to block viruses, allergen,microbes and mould. Sleep Angel is the worlds first barrier bedding range to combine absolute barrier protection with airflow for user comfort. 

Sleep Angel is developed as bedding products for the home, hospitality, sport performance and Travel.